Money mania

It’s not fun to wake up feeling like you lost your job while you’re out. Unfortunately, maybe what I’m feeling is felt by many who just can’t take a break from the cut-throat world. We’re turned into workaholics and maniacs, robots and scumbags. When we step away, it somewhat lingers deep inside our skin like a virus in remission.

Responsibilities, obligations, tasks…. Blaaaaaahh. Can’t even say blah because there will be robots who get offended by someone saying that. They’re so conditioned to believe that being boring is the righteous way. Why care? Why can’t the world be more simple like the way it used to be? I’m mad at the world. I’m upset that money is the driving force. I feel sorry for them all.



Sunday night stressors

It really sucks that the world is geared up to be cut-throat tomorrow

Weights fall down on me thinking about it

Why can’t things be a little more laid back and cheerful for sen’sive souls like us…

Lucky from the top

How lucky am I to see the world from this vantage point right now?
Birds chasing boats, boats probably chasing fish…
Three pigeon friends walking in line and circle dancing once in a while
The precise rise and dives of the birds
Majestic man made towers
Probably fresh scent of pizza, simmering with buzzing downtown lights across the water
Humid spring air.
Sounds of cello looming inside my headphones
Piano keys hoisting my spirit, while I watch the boat sail.