The cows and I have faith

The cows and I have faith. She sits there, by the moonlight, batting her eyelashesshe’s been abused, exploited, raped, beaten, harmed, and deprivedonly the moon can see her tears from inside the factory Her heart and mine are the samewe were brought here because of loveand there may be love out in the universe, still,Continue reading “The cows and I have faith”

I gotta save all the animals

It’s desperate, no one’s doing it. There’s calves in Switzerland with spikes on their noses so that they don’t drink their mother’s milk.There’s people who pet and hug cows yet order their limbs for meal every night. Traitors.There’s cows in Switzerland walking in beautiful hills, forming a normal life, but any day any one ofContinue reading “I gotta save all the animals”