Sun god

Sometimes everything becomes so difficult, and you feel weak and lonely. But the sun has a marvelous way of shining on you, smiling zenfully at you,
holding your hand,
and picking you up.



How do you handle yourself?

How do you handle yourself? As an easterner as a westerner, as a man as a woman, as an artist; an analyst, emotional; emotionless, careful; careless, sensual; asexual, young; old, rich; poor, as a fighter, as a hopeless, as a leader, a follower; a rebel, a friend; a foe; a lover; a hater, beautiful; hideous, rational; crazy, gentle; ruthless, social; lonely, occupied; free, smart; dumb as a drum, as alive; as dead, as happy, as sad, as unappreciative, as valued, stylish; lame, wild; tamed, brave; scared; vibrant; dull, aggressive; timid, new; worn, remembered; forgotten; too far; too close, too present; too missed, too put together; a hot mess, too much of everything, too much of nothing, boring as fck, exciting as hell, a maverick, a sheep, unique, cliché, annoying, annoyed, relevant, outdated, tempting, repulsive, honed, trashed

How do you handle