I don’t know who you are but I luv yah




I’m obsessed
with the way your tongue touches your teeth. I know it’s super weird. But it doesn’t work for me like it works for you. I’m extremely shy about showing my tongue. When I stick it out, it has to be at an angle
but holy god, it’s wild how your flawless tongue is widely exposed for the world to see and to mingle with
anyway I think it’s freaking irresistible
the way your tongue touches your teeth

Missed connection

Hi. I was nine years old during my stay at the hospital from a broken leg, and you were probably around that age too. Per request, the nurse brought in a Nintendo to my room for me to play Mario Bros. II one day, and you joined in to play. I was the mushroom and I wasn’t really paying attention to the game and I was just excited about the fact that I was sitting next to a boy. Do you remember me? Bye.