They embraced for two years

And she thought
She literally didn’t want anything else




Sweet sweet touch

Listen sweet thing; I’m not very political
Or anything
And it seems like you’re pretty basic
And simply enjoy the sun, too
And strawberries, ripe fruits,
Chocolate cake, smiling
Hugging and caressing
Being close
Laying on the beach, bare
Making love and enjoying life.
What else is life but a tasty quench from succulent fruits?
Sweet goods, sunlight, and warm weather
Wide embraces, soft kisses behind the ears
Short chats and easy laughs
Tell me
What else is life but cooing talks
And sweet sweet touch


Hollow embrace

Step upon a stone and look no further,
there remains fossilized remnants of two vertebrates; you and I in embrace. I swear that’s how we wanted it to end. Your arms around me and my legs around you. It’s all that we ever wanted in life; to live and to die like this. To be stuck in some maze, to be frozen in liquid amber, to be preserved for centuries on end. Engraved in rocks, carved in limestones, immersed in minerals. Two spines; your skeletal arms, my skeletal legs. If someone looks closer, I swear they can almost see us, smell us, taste us.
Within our hollow eyes you can see the way we once used to look at each other. With so much love and therefore longing, and therefore pain. The way you squirmed around me; your restless heart, and my ache. It just couldn’t last for another minute. But we lasted for as long as we did beside your feet,
as you step upon us, as rocks. We live on, while you carry us in your heart that beats like the way molten lava feels, contained underneath a blanket of heavy dirt. We dissipate in your smelting heart as you head back to your apartment alone and sit in a dimly lit room. Thinking about a tragic romance, and bleeding from your own misery;
your dire,
dire loneliness.