Stick boy

Get a damn job, own a wife, make a little boy, grow a beard, you fcuking bastard, own the damn world and blow it all on a bad bet, settle down, way way way down and stay there, let moss grow all over you. That’s your future, it’s everybody’s
njoy it loser.




Nice to everybody

The more you see how temporary everything is, the more you want to be extremely nice to everybody.

Reminders, from today

To the war veteran on the wheelchair, sitting outside on a warm day
The young woman alone with a child
To the young man huddled in the comfort of his cheap phone
The beggar down the street
To the heavy lady who has to walk under the hot sun
To the bus driver contemplating life as he drives
To the middle aged black woman in a fancy sports car driving home from a long day at work
To middle management who always have to try harder
To leaders who don’t really know what they’re doing

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