Both of us lost

Words comewhen the winds comeand trace their fingertipsup and down your skin when the spell of drygets quenched by the gulp of your tap waterwhen words form and dont say a thingbut those feelings spun by the heart etch themselves in writing amid the desolate desert of lifewhere no flowers thrivewhere there’s no rainbut theContinue reading “Both of us lost”


The feelings meet

Pink white frillsplastic cup dreamsthe smell of sweet candy perfumeboys in molded shapesand far awayglares he,outside his windowtowards me on TVthe history rolling outsidecaptured in now decades old TV shows Back when I stood wearing my skirtnot knowing you wanted to caress my legsand to grab hold of everythingthat laid tethered to mefor you toContinue reading “The feelings meet”

Dear nightmare friends

Old nightmare friends, only when the rain of salty tears wash my body offshore and subside do you come near. My dear nightmare friends, so long ago of you I feared. Now you’re here, trying to comfort me amid tears. Your memory lifts my spirit, takes me back to childhood long lost. The thought ofContinue reading “Dear nightmare friends”