Discerning things better

Thank you
For giving me an opportunity to gauge these feelings from you
And reciprocate them in the form of carnality
And sometimes art



Lowlands that stay flat

Lowlands that stay flat and go nowhere
Fields of yellow grain that flood with shallow, sparkling waters
Feelings that linger, barely touching
Dreams, like transparent images
Inconceivable echos surround
And I just cannot
Seem to exist in your world

20181105 (40)1

Dear nightmare friends

Old nightmare friends, only when the rain of salty tears wash my body offshore and subside do you come near. My dear nightmare friends, so long ago of you I feared. Now you’re here, trying to comfort me amid tears. Your memory lifts my spirit, takes me back to childhood long lost. The thought of you brings back scents of candies and roses that open my senses. My dear nightmare friends, I finally feel your sincerity,
you had just wanted to play, and I had feared.