Social woes

Maybe I am that person who walked out of the gathering early
Maybe I’m forever doomed to be an anomaly
Too honest amongst a hoard of fake smiles
Yet guarded enough to be confusing
And sensitive enough to be a diva.



The empty feeling on a late morning

Don’t torture me with pleasant morning air seeping through my bedroom window
I’m lying here under covers crying about my hometown, family, old friends, people, everyone, and everything that I miss



Let’s cry together

For being dreamers, and unintentionally hurting the ones who want to possess us as theirs.
For understanding the disappointment they go through when they’ve given their everything, yet still we can’t be owned.
For the sadness they feel when they think there is something wrong with them because we can’t be owned.

And as dreamers, let’s cry for us; for our dire want to solely belong to one thing forever, but are too instinctive to never be able to.



“If I could have been all that you wanted, all the time.”
… If you could have been all that I wanted, all the time