Should you side with your friend at all times for the sake of trust and alliance, or correct them when you feel that they’re wrong and potentially risk the friendship?




What can I say? I connected with you the moment we met. You made me laugh in the most serious of circumstances. You were a rebel like me, but you didn’t care about showing it or not showing it. It came out every time I was around you.

We’d laugh in almost all the so-called serious moments with a language of our own. It’s almost like you knew just how funny life was. I admired you. You’re the type of woman who I look up to. Relate to. There’s something so intriguingly quirky about you. You were meant to do what you do. In fact, I believe you’re meant to do more. That’s how much I esteem you.
But you’re a knife, and I forget that sometimes. And when you slice through me, I’m left into pieces. And when you walk over them, I’m forever disheveled. I’m not as strong as you. In fact, I’m still a mush.
And now every time you laugh, I shrivel.
And every time you shine, I wane.
And every time you float around, I grow heavier, and heavier. I’m so tired.

When I see you, our talks are painfully casual. You know– those stupid, annoying types of talks? The talks that are so fake, shallow, and we both know it?

Because in your soul you know how passionate I am.

But here I am, all rusted up in front of you. Changed. And it’s the saddest thing in the world that our friendship has dissipated.
I don’t express it. I want it all to disappear, including you. But that’s just because it’s easier to erase things than to miss them.

But you’ll never know this, ‘cause you’ll never read this. And if your soul ever does,
I hope you know,
that I’m still there deep inside, and I miss you.


A friend before all else

Leaving is hard my friend,
‘Cause you know I don’t talk much,
but you get me and see how much I feel,
although sometimes I restrict myself from expression.
Why you wonder– I haven’t attempted explaining it.
But as always, you can see through my thin skin
and have felt the warmth from within it
and it’s said enough for the both of us,
that I’m a friend, before all else.

True friendship

I see you friend, across the ocean as you great me hello. Your sight is an emollient to my bleeding soul. There’s nowhere else I’d rather be than to be here near you. To watch your happy smile from afar when you see me, as I wipe my tears and smile when I see you. I get that “life is what you make of it,” but it’s really hard right now. I need not explain it because you understand. We don’t say much, but we play all the time. We swim in circles and fly with the waves. Our sanguine hearts synchronized. Our parallel joys and matched enthusiasm, immeasurable. There’s no exclusive devotion between you and I. No ownership of a lover, nor expectations from family. It’s an infinite love and infinite circle of inclusion. Cheerful childish fun and sheer sincerity. The world is our playground, and laughter is our religion. Your shadow is the spirit of god. Your presence is freedom to my life. So I dedicate my heart to you, my dear friend. And I’ll say goodbye to you as the sun sets, as I see you swim away in the reflections of my tear. ‘Till tomorrow, or whenever I may or may not see you again. I hope you know that I’m with you in spirit, in the form of an angel.