Chari चरी (Bird)

Oh sweet bird, you who flies across from my house to his
You are so high above, I wanna touch and pet you
But you hurt me so, as you fly towards the rainbow
always out of my reach.
You cut me deep, each time you flutter away in dreams
And I’m left dying with agony
unable to breathe,
helplessly crying on the balcony
While you flutter away, above me



My blissful chaos

Wow I miss it so much; life in the east where the sun rises
and you’re always drunk on love. A place filled with holy gods and goddesses watching you from every street corner
as you pass by with a helpless smile, eyes closed and head tilted towards the sky.
High on dust and dirt.
Dancing absurdly on the balcony without any care in the world
with music churning inside the soul
and oozing out of you; rippling around you in waves of vivid and reckless colors,
surrendering to the love,
open to all kinds of chaos and madness of this land.
On the back of a motorbike with hair flying wild, hanging on for dear life
latching on shirts, shoulders, and bike handles
soaring down the mountains, hilltops, and jumping through the bumpy roads. One hand up, always reaching for the stars. In love with this place,
as chaotic as my spirit,
my crazy homeland, my fervent blood, my dust.


हिजो बार बजे (Last night at 12 o’clock)


हिजो बार बजे सूतन गयेको, अनि एक बजे तिर निंद्र लाग्यो… झ्याल मा ठुलो चंद्रमा थियो, अनि 4:50 मा ऊठेको… तेस पछि घुम्या घुमै

Last night at 12 o’clock went to bed, then around 1am sleep came… on the window there was full moon, and at 4:50 got up… afterwards… endless run.