Platonic volcanic love

You and I are butterflies; you love her; the trees, the mountains, the air, the grass, the leaves, the flowers
I love him; the trees, the mountains, the air, the grass, the leaves, the flowers
Sometimes we cross paths
And love each other



We roll

We roll, over meadows and grassy mixture, among weeds and loose earth, on rich soil and grainy sand, pebbles and twigs, mulch and mud, pavement and dust
We roll, tumbling down arching land, fumbling in grit and lush, caught in thistles and thorns, freed in the fragrance of grassy air
Teased by floral wafts, eyes see only your eyes
World spins around as planned
Fate has it all mapped down
We roll through it round and round
Our bodies kissing


My meaning of life

Laying on nature’s floor, breathing in fresh air, feeling the pollinated breeze over my face, being next to the green plants and trees, accompanied by bugs and bees
Letting time pass by, fast or slow, with the fluctuating clouds above
I don’t care.
This is my meaning of life.



Atop the green grassy hill during summertime, away from the shady trees below, behind the warehouse, against that warm tin wall,
There lies a safe spot. Your open arms. The silence of your smile,
The content in your eyes, the stillness in your seat.
Embracing you my body sighs a massive wave of relief
Clasped underneath your firm reassuring arms
Closing my eyes, I breathe over your chest
Comforted, healed,