What can we do…

He seems like the type of guy that caters to his woman, who makes her feel wonderful all the time, puts her needs before his, makes sure she’s happy and satisfied.

You seem like the type of girl who could walk all over him.



His own place in the universe

“He took up nearly half the seat, his long legs spread apart, his arms draped on the back of the bench. She perched down, careful not to let her leg touch his.

He had a casual, unconcerned ease about himself. He moved, sat, rested, and draped as if he were completely unaware of the effect he was having… all his confident limbs projected a sanguine belief in his own place in the universe. This was all given to me, he seemed to say. My body, my face, my height, my strength. I did not ask for it, I did not make it, I did not build it. I did not fight for it. This is a gift, for which I say my daily thanks as I wash and comb my hair, a gift I do not abuse or think of again as I go through my day. I am not proud of it, nor am I humbled by it. It does not make me arrogant or vain, but neither does it make me falsely modest or meek.”

-The bronze horseman