Lottery in heaven

Hey, there’s nothing wrong! What’s “right” after all? Nothing bad about a bit of color and numbers that indicate some sort of a foreseeable prize ahead of you! You bet! After all, this is gambling But it’s not bad, because it’s gambling in heaven! Chillax, have some wine, have a cigar and roll up yourContinue reading “Lottery in heaven”

Green slice of heaven

Maybe when I’m bedridden one day I’ll remember the days when I could move and do whatever I wanted to do; go out in nature, be active, ride my bicycle through the off roads. Lay in the fields, be as naked as I could be Let the air kiss and lick my salty skin; soContinue reading “Green slice of heaven”

The gift of heaven

I wish I could blow the white clouds towards you I wish you could see what I see, smell what I smell,¬†feel what I feel The breeze The scent of lilac and jasmine I wish you could see the soaring eagle, high when it passed by Or smile at the friendly play between bird-mates andContinue reading “The gift of heaven”