How the hell does one do it?

How the hell does one do it? Age gracefully. How do you manage to spin and flow as you dive? As you die? How do you make the best out of winter? How do you cook food and manage kids? Slap on a smile around your family? Pretend to listen to your friends? Sacrifice theContinue reading “How the hell does one do it?”


How do you handle yourself?

How do you handle yourself? As an easterner as a westerner, as a man as a woman, as an artist; an analyst, emotional; emotionless, careful; careless, sensual; asexual, young; old, rich; poor, as a fighter, as a hopeless, as a leader, a follower; a rebel, a friend; a foe; a lover; a hater, beautiful; hideous,Continue reading “How do you handle yourself?”