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What an OK day worth remembering

Took a day off work on Friday just because. Woke up, drank water, had an easy summer morning walk, ate fruity breakfast, relaxed, ate lunch, napped, chilled, then bicycled.

Woke up well rested on Saturday while it was still morning and as the amazing sun was rising. Drank water, ate fruity breakfast, relaxed. Went on an afternoon bike ride, stopped at a shady spot and did outdoors yoga after a long time and it felt really good. Had lunch. Relaxed. Went outside again for a walk near the trails to check out some snails and other insects.

I’m always in heaven when I’m outside in warm weather. I usually tell people that I live by the yin yang philosophy; either you’re resting or you’re moving; which doesn’t mean much to people and it ain’t anything deep, but it’s kind of apathetic and usually just makes sense to me.

I met up with a friend that evening and we went to a local downtown. We watched an old movie that was playing outside behind an old library that smelled like my former elementary school. She sang a couple of songs and we left half way and called it a night.

I was so relatively happy. What an OK day worth remembering.