Remorse can happen at the oddest of timeslike when you’re beautifying yourselfcan’t dictate where the mind goeswhen you’re not being presentlike the massacre of turkeys during Thanksgiving; those highly intelligent animalsbut then chicken is intelligent tooI guess intelligence correlates to taste:maybe humans like to eat highly intelligent animals like chicken, turkeys, pigs, tunas, cows,maybe humansContinue reading “Remorse”

Beautiful day

Because I thought I was cool, I took a DJing class in high school. I had greater aspirations back then. It didn’t go very far in life, but it was mostly a joke anyway. One day in class, we had to play a quick song sampler of our choosing. For some reason, “beautiful day” wasContinue reading “Beautiful day”

Everybody’s hurting

In the news yesterday, a girl accidentally killed her sister carelessly while drunk driving. She sounded apathetic when she talked. I felt sharp anger towards her. I thought she didn’t deserve this world nor this life anymore. She was a disgrace to society; a murderer of her own innocent sister. She seemed to sound crazyContinue reading “Everybody’s hurting”