Should you side with your friend at all times for the sake of trust and alliance, or correct them when you feel that they’re wrong and potentially risk the friendship?


Inspirational principles

(From “the seven spiritual laws of yoga” )


Pure Potentiality
Om Bhavam Namah
ओम भवम नम
I am absolute existence


Giving and Receiving
Om Vardhanam Namah
ओम वर्धनम् नम
I am the nourisher of the universe and the universe nourishes me


Karma or Cause and Effect
Om Kriyam Namah
ओम क्रियम नम
My actions are aligned with cosmic law


Least Effort
Om Daksham Namah
ओम दक्शम नम
My actions achieve maximal benefit with minimal effort


Intention and Desire
Om Ritam Namah
ओम ऱितम नम
My intentions and desires are supported by cosmic law


Om Anandham Namah
ओम आनन्धम नम
My actions are blissfully free from attachment to outcome


Dharma or Purpose in Life
Om Varunam Namah
ओम वरुणाम नम
My life is in harmony with cosmic law