Hey, it’s okay… no one really gives

You may think your problems are so big and life consuming, but it’s really not. It’s actually… well… sort of laughable. I mean, the bees don’t care; they’re out there buzzing around with their little wings. The wimpy little cloud glides by casually like a cool snail across the clear blue skies. The cicada isContinue reading “Hey, it’s okay… no one really gives”


There’s a beautiful bird out in a forest. She flies her little wings up and down the hilly terrain near the glistening, cold Himalayas. They refer to her as Noori; this beautiful, colorful bird. On rare occasions they get a glimpse of her striking beauty. Yet always, they hear her tweeting her silly, sweet songsContinue reading “Noori”

The everything in little things

Too busy making plans right now. There will come a day when little things will be vocalized like they’re a big deal Like telling the other that the fireplace needs new wood Or asking if the grass is cut, or what time a regularly watched TV show will air. Two elderly couple, friends with eachContinue reading “The everything in little things”