The only way to exist

She can only be so open with someone who loves her so
So when he feeds her this love, she loves in return
Giving back each ounce of it, giving more than what she can give
To keep him alive and breathing;
knowing that she is his sole purpose
his newfound religion, his reason, his addiction
And to touch her, taste her is not a mere wish
It’s a dire need
And the only way to exist


You need a lot of love

You need a lot of love, I get it.

Get it from the sunlight that caresses your tinted skin with kisses,
From the breeze that runs its fingers through your hair
From the water that smiles at your reflection
The moon who gently cradles your soft body to sleep

From the mountains that echo your name with obsession
From the pleasant lyric of a song that leaves your heart with murmur
From a sheet of dense grass that aches to hold your body
From everything that loves you
From the one who loves you

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