The feelings meet

Pink white frillsplastic cup dreamsthe smell of sweet candy perfumeboys in molded shapesand far awayglares he,outside his windowtowards me on TVthe history rolling outsidecaptured in now decades old TV shows Back when I stood wearing my skirtnot knowing you wanted to caress my legsand to grab hold of everythingthat laid tethered to mefor you toContinue reading “The feelings meet”

I love you with your colors, without your colors

I love you without your colorsI love you with your colorsblueyellow, like the sunlightunderneath the dust and the butterflieswhen you look at me the world shines in sheer brightnessthe feel of liquid over your lipsthat you wipe with your tonguecolors of pink and whitethat fizz over the ocean bluethat merge with the skies I loveContinue reading “I love you with your colors, without your colors”

Springtime birthday

I want to have my birthday in springtime again, When pink flowers blossom on trees and the world is misty and green with faraway callings of tropical, colorful birds. I want to jump on a freshly made bed again and play air guitar crazily like an innocent wild child.