The strange place that you’re from

I don’t know what you’re made ofit’s so far away, strange, and foreignI don’t know if you’re a friend or a foebut maybe we’re friendsat least it appears that waybut within this facadeis there anything more?are you a miragetime untrackeda place never knownthe people in it, strange I could go there with youtake me theretoContinue reading “The strange place that you’re from”


I’ll take all your burden

He carried her helpless body in his arms Like a wilted rosebud, new in bloom with red petals Scarred from the harsh winds and rain. I will take you, kiss your bruised once smooth face And your tired red lips. Just you wrap your arms and legs around me and give me all weight ForContinue reading “I’ll take all your burden”

Remained filaments of me

If I was sitting out here on the streets in the dark, skin and bones and an ugly face with scars, yellowish sad eyes with tears, matted hair and an attitude all gone, left with no personality, humor, nor intrigue no wit to recite nor inputs to share. If I wasn’t the personification of meContinue reading “Remained filaments of me”