Should you side with your friend at all times for the sake of trust and alliance, or correct them when you feel that they’re wrong and potentially risk the friendship?



Climbing ambitions

Chugging energy,
Heart on fire
Too many questions, too little time
Climbing ambitions
Vanishing restrictions
Instinctive, fueled by passion, high on drive
Burning with curiosity
Honest motives
Direct and raw
Uninhibited and fearless
Wise and confident
Worshiping the answers


Choosing to be present

I went through a state of extreme confusion, frustration, and subtle fear. What is it that I want? What should I seek? How should I be?

These series of confusing pieces just kept piling up with more and more questions, and less and less answers. I felt trapped and it felt horrible,

Until I decided to drop my shoulders.

Suddenly, the only thing I felt was the comfort from my relaxed neck muscles. I felt happy. All illusionary problems disappeared. Being present felt better. Being present was a choice.

How awesome it is to let it just be, and to let yourself feel what you feel, when you simply choose to be primitive.

Power in femininity

There must be some type of strength in femininity that demands respect and alludes power– things typically seen “masculine.”

We can acknowledge that giving birth to girls is less desirable than giving birth to boys in many cultures throughout the world. There’s issues with property rights, name, ownerships and so on. Even among primates, social groups are dominated by bigger, stronger, older alpha males. We can’t strengthen the case for implementing female rights because it’s “unfair” and that we should be nice to females.
But how can one argue that the world isn’t about the survival of the fittest and the strongest? Evolution says so, the animal kingdom says so, history says so. So should women, who are highly capable in many dimensions, resort to being a subservient to men because they’re generally comparatively weaker in physical strength?

Could we argue that there’s not just something wrong with modern society, but history, evolution, and science in itself?

Should we try to make women manlier to achieve equality? Dress them more asexual, give them pills and make their muscles bigger? Clearly that’s ridiculous. The world is made up of attraction to one another; that’s what generates offspring within species.

If in fact you’re made up of equal strands of DNA of a man and a woman, how can you pin point which one is superior to another? Could it be that everything in our known universe is messed up, and that power doesn’t have to equate to something as fundamental as physical strength? That there’s immense power in other intangible things; so many things that you can name but feel disinclined to mention or vocalize because it will be resorted to as “girly” and laughable.

What is it about the world that it’s so hard to find, discern, and write about as to why femininity is strength? This is certainly a topic of interest for people who don’t feel weak due to their lack of physical strength. Those who want to reason with evolution and science.

Could there be something missing that can explain unseen dimensions, missing pieces that might explain why there’s so much power, firmness, and strength in femininity—which are essentially things that define masculinity?

Is this the meaning of everything?

There’s something innate within us that’s been budding since we’ve existed. Since the moment one cell was dived into two.

Gazing at you is like speaking an ancient language of the animals. It’s like the dance of a peacock with its feathers flared. It’s interpretation only you understand. My eyes possessed by you, the sparkle in yours shines through, makes the rest of space around me empty, dark. Nothing else matters but you, nothing else comes close to you. I live to have your arms embrace me, to give me the reason for living. I’m alive when you’re near, I carry your spirit when you’re far; otherwise there is no purpose to this life. There’d be no blooms; flowers grow from seeds. There’d be no mountains, rocks, seas, they’re all bound, so tight, by bonds we cannot see. This is the bond I’m talking about my love, which I can’t explain no matter how much I write or try to decipher through some metaphors, or think through silently. It’s nonsense. There’s no answer. This is my obsession. This hunger, this yearning of giving love and to receive it wholly, yet knowing that it can never be complete. This process that has no ultimate end. This falling into an endless well with no bottom. Just like the continuum of time, with no beginning and no end, like the movement of energy– this reality that I can never completely have you nor can you have me, no matter how much we are bound to each other by things that connects us, or by bodies that tangle us, this pain, this excitement, this curiosity. This is what makes me breathe, keeps me going, makes the world spinning, makes the stars shining, the universe expanding. Everything that is this vast, morphed inside of you, so many questions and the answers—a mere reflection, in your eyes.




Siddharth Gautam Buddha resisted attachment because everything will change. Things that can make you happy can also cause deep suffering.

Money can wane
People can leave
Your physique can slack

Why get attached to anything at all? Can resistance to attachment lead to some sort of everlasting bliss that we all deeply crave, but can’t figure out how to get it, nor what it even is?

Why does anything exist at all if it is to be resisted? Can the big man upstairs (or woman, or men or women or it) be playing a game out of us?

Well that’s pretty mean of he/she/it of them. How could the universe be created out of negativity when there exists vital feelings of togetherness and caring love… aren’t they all forms of attachment?