Rooftop lovin

You took me there again we fell in love on the rooftop, again I rediscovered youagain I let it out again overflow the look in your eyes overflow our hearts speak of love overflowfloweringcaptivatingenergizinglovingseducingtantalizingachingbreakingfuckingfor what it’s all worth fking with you for days long goneasking for more againfor a long long time


Kathmandu Rooftop

2011/07 If I were to stand out here naked with my feelings of anxiousness only, could you understand? Above I see the dark skies and the stars and when I look to the left; the large mountains. Above the Kathmandu roof I stand in, with airplanes shooting by with anger. It’s only a matter ofContinue reading “Kathmandu Rooftop”