The feelings meet

Pink white frillsplastic cup dreamsthe smell of sweet candy perfumeboys in molded shapesand far awayglares he,outside his windowtowards me on TVthe history rolling outsidecaptured in now decades old TV shows Back when I stood wearing my skirtnot knowing you wanted to caress my legsand to grab hold of everythingthat laid tethered to mefor you toContinue reading “The feelings meet”

Promises and forever

‘Promises and forever’; he held her tightly, sitting by the steps. They posed for a picture together, his face next to her neck. Their smiles, content. It was fall season with cool weather, but his hold around her waist was warm. Wherever they went, he always held her dearly. He cared deeply. That’s just whoContinue reading “Promises and forever”

In her palace

She’s in her palace; her head resting on its beautiful marbled floor. She sighs at the way it cools her cheek on such a hot summer’s day. Breeze comes through the large windows and balconies that surround this grand architecture. They tease her wavy hair strands, which in turn tease her face. She’s listless andContinue reading “In her palace”