Vishnu sleeps

Vishnu sleeps
Amid an ocean of glistening gems
His chest heaves up and down, slowly
Like the waves.
The waters are gentle and warm
And they tease his skin sometimes
Making him smile at their playfulness.

Vishnu sleeps, above a bundle of anxious nerves
He sleeps sheltered underneath the umbrella of a cobra head
There’s gentle sounds of bells lulling him from somewhere
There’s a shower of fragrant flowers soothing his senses from the heavens above
There’s a soft glow in the rays from the sun god to the side
There’s a water goddess who he dreams of.

Vishnu sleeps, floating amass a boundless universe
Vishnu sleeps, through creation
The rivers overflow, the waterfalls rush down, the mountains crumble,
The volcanoes erupt, the ground rips apart,
And the vegetation freezes.
The world thaws, the butterflies come back,
Children laugh and hold hands
And the elderly wave their goodbyes
Life goes on,
And on
and on
in disappearing circles.

Vishnu sleeps,
His chest heaving up and down, slowly
Cushioned over a bundle of wrecked serpentine nerves
His face glowing
His lips, smiling
Vishnu sleeps consciously
amid an open warm ocean
Inside the heart.



My blissful chaos

Wow I miss it so much; life in the east where the sun rises
and you’re always drunk on love. A place filled with holy gods and goddesses watching you from every street corner
as you pass by with a helpless smile, eyes closed and head tilted towards the sky.
High on dust and dirt.
Dancing absurdly on the balcony without any care in the world
with music churning inside the soul
and oozing out of you; rippling around you in waves of vivid and reckless colors,
surrendering to the love,
open to all kinds of chaos and madness of this land.
On the back of a motorbike with hair flying wild, hanging on for dear life
latching on shirts, shoulders, and bike handles
soaring down the mountains, hilltops, and jumping through the bumpy roads. One hand up, always reaching for the stars. In love with this place,
as chaotic as my spirit,
my crazy homeland, my fervent blood, my dust.