Jungles of Cambodia

Is it white heaven or green hell? The water droplet glides across a green leaf and falls into the ground as if it knows what it’s doing. It’s over 100 Fahrenheit weather and my mind is clouded with steaming and scorching fog. Forehead throbs with painful memories that become ever so pleasurable and vivid with each step, as each foot clumsily surpasses the other. Walking eyes closed with sweat seeping through the cotton; my body is plastered and mummified. Taste of sweat in the corners of the mouth, burning sensations along the tear ducts. Breathing delayed. I may die here. Unearthly creatures may live here. The broken temple of the past brings no mercy. There’s creatures screeching like monkeys from afar. There’s crickets warning with each stroke. There’s landmines that may blow up in milliseconds. This treacherous greenery; so lush and alive. This mist that is full of little warm droplets; hug and latch, crawl and suffocate, glide down my thighs, flow out like river. I’ve never felt heaver. I’ve never felt freer; never more trapped. Never more present, never more delirious. Sweltering sweat, screaming sounds. Keep breathing, keep walking eyes closed… while the fog attempts to diffuse you into pieces, as the greenery tries to sip you up, bit by bit, drop by drop.