Black wall

Driving through the highway
Piercing through storms… charging our way
Your silluette before I; rocking between my half closed eyes
The backdrop, a black wall sky
Behind you, I
Eons apart
So bare



To rise

To have been a fearful person who’s holding on to a tilting sail amid a treacherous storm
And to learn to smile
and find the will to heal
Brings in great amount of confidence, and a reassured feeling
That you will rise and own what it is to be,
in your destiny.


Ice storm

Your body, collide with me;
Shattered zillion pieces of
Sharp crystals…
And smoking ice.
Pulverized snow
Scratched underneath fingernails
The core marbled lattice
That’s numb and blazing
Stinging, arid
Never melting,
Sticking and breaking.
The weight of our solid embrace
The gravity, uncompromisable.
Raining sleet
While the world freezes,
Freezer burn
Between our strike