Sweet sweet touch

Listen sweet thing; I’m not very political
Or anything
And it seems like you’re pretty basic
And simply enjoy the sun, too
And strawberries, ripe fruits,
Chocolate cake, smiling
Hugging and caressing
Being close
Laying on the beach, bare
Making love and enjoying life.
What else is life but a tasty quench from succulent fruits?
Sweet goods, sunlight, and warm weather
Wide embraces, soft kisses behind the ears
Short chats and easy laughs
Tell me
What else is life but cooing talks
And sweet sweet touch



Sun friend

Why am I teary unexpectedly? Could it be the love for my grandparents, the loss of a family member, goodbyes of all kind,
The limping dog down the street
Quick infatuations, and false expectations
Sweet motherland, who seeks no expectations
Being sick in this heaven full of empathy
Asking for nothing in return, but only to inhale the scent of mother’s cooking
In the arms of my homeland that rocks me gently while I weep, passing time, watching the streets and making the best out of each hour, as slowly as can be, as if time is way too quick to pass on by, with my friend by my side; the kind sun from dawn till dusk.


Sunny afternoons

There’s a distant kind of sound from crows on a hot summer afternoon where everyone is sleepy, and everything is still. It’s a quick type of fear that this sort of weather and life may soon go away, and you desperately want to hang on to it, engrave it into your memory, and go back to it all the time when you close your eyes. Green hills, and green trees. Bugs play, and birds tweet. Friends and family, tea times, and careless quiet walks on dusty roads. Blue summer skies, and easy cotton dresses. The sounds of people and nature; faraway, peaceful, and kind.