Him: Arm’s length

He and the stripper were sitting across from each other at the table next week.
“Can we be close to each other without being lovers”? she asked him.
“Well, is there something to talk about?” He asked her.
“Some things specifically” she said.
“Like the theory of relativity.”
“I don’t know about that” he said as he looked away.
“It’s how everything’s relative, and it impacts us in every aspect of life” she said.
“Where’d you learn that?” he asked.
“I didn’t. I just assumed it” she said.
“Are we getting any more close right now? he asked her.
“Further, because you’re not sticking to the topic” she said.
“You standing there dancing on your pole, your mass is relatively distant from me. But relative to my emotions, that distance brings you closer to me” he said.
“Good, we’re getting closer now” she smiled.
“How much closer?” he stared into her eyes.
“An arm’s length” she said from across the table.


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